Best 5 Truck-Bed Bike-Rack Brands In 2022

Truck bed bike racks may not be the most common type of bike out there. Still, there is a good variety of racks available. Not all of them can convince with original design tho, so it can get confusing to figure out branded products from original manufacturers.

When you buy a bike rack mounted to the back of your truck you want to make sure you are purchasing quality. Choosing the bike rack brands to put in this list, we only picked what we believe are the best brands that offer original design, features, reliability, high testing standards, and load capacity. This means the racks have a long lifetime and can withstand the abuse from the rough roads you will be driving on.

With this short article, we list only high-quality, established, and trustworthy brands with original designs to choose from. So, here are the best brands recommended for truck bed bike racks in alphabetical order:

For clarity: Truck bed bike racks are different from car trunk bike racks and truck tailgate pads. However, both of those types of racks received their own list of trusted brands to help you navigate.

For a list of all the best bike rack brands, regardless of rack type, check out this article.

Front Runner

front runner logo

For any serious outdoor adventures, Front Runner got you covered with truck bed (bike) racks, roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems, and camping accessories. Founded in Botswana, South Africa, by a couple of engineers, designers, and off-road racers, they built a deserved reputation for quality, intelligent design, and durability.

Designed and produced in Johannesburg, and tested in the grueling African bush there is little sentiment for mediocre products. Instead, the people behind Front Runner drive innovation by using new materials, and superior manufacturing practices.

If you are somewhat familiar with the offroading or Overlanding community, there is a high chance you heard of this brand before. Their accessories have found their way to many high-end custom offroad vehicles out there.

Link to their website.

Pipeline Racks

pipeline racks logo

These guys and girls live and breathe truck accessories. Pipeline Racks is a small family-owned and operated company, founded in a garage in the USA. When demand for a self-built pickup truck bed bike rack picked up (pun intended), the brand was born.

The name reflects the practical design of the racks, which are built from pipes. The bike racks have their focus on ease of use and adjustability. In saying that, their racks are certainly not designed to go off-roading.

Link to their website.


Swagman logo black e1643093143865

What in the world even is a “swagman”? It sure sounds fancy and stylish. Far from it. It is actually an Australian term describing someone who travels from farm to farm on foot seeking work – and carrying all of their belongings in a swag.

While the bike rack manufacturer Swagman is in search of adventure, not work, packing up and going is in their mission. They consider themselves “the enablers of fun“.

Whether your swag of fun outdoor toys includes bikes, kayaks, or anything else they could use to explore the beautiful nature, Swagman can help you mount it to your car.

They are based in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, and were one of the first companies worldwide to design and market a hitch-style bike rack. Since then they have branched out to RV-approved bike racks, hitch-mounts, roof racks for cars and trucks.

Link to their website.


Thule logo

… the manufacturer of my own very first roof rack and the juggernaut of the car rack industry. Thule (pronounced “too-le”) was founded way back in 1942 in Småland, Sweden, and has since acquired the reputation of producing high-quality, well-designed, safe, and durable car racks.

The first product designed to carry sports gear by car was a ski rack. Followed by many other roof-mounted carriers. Finally, in 1992 the first hitch-mounted bike rack was introduced. All the major car rack products are still sold and improved upon by Thule.

Relatively new addictions are roof tents and truck tailgate pads, among other types of truck bed bike racks.

No matter the product, you can be sure it has been thoroughly shock- and crash-tested at the in-house testing facility in Hillerstorp, Sweden. Thule is known for its high test standards that far exceed regulatory requirements.

Link to their website.


yakima logo

… started as a small machine shop in Yakima, Washington State, USA. In 1979 it was acquired by two kayakers and cyclists who saw the need to create a better way to transport their outdoor gear.

Now, Yakima stands for high-quality and reliable specialized car racks to carry all kinds of equipment like bikes, kayaks and canoes, fishing rods, skis and snowboards, surfboards, cargo boxes, and roof tents.

With that catalog of carriers, they have something for every season and every outdoor adventure.

Truck bed extensions, truck bed cover, or without

Link to their website.

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