A couple of days on the mountain bike is a great way to spend any weekend. Unfortunately not quite as straightforward as loading up a bike and being on your way, there is a lot of equipment to take with you. Even for just a day trip! It’s always essential to have a packing checklist for mountain bike trips. This way you can be sure to not forget any important items

It helps minimize the time for preparation and gives the peace of mind of knowing nothing’s missing. Let’s just say, finding out that something’s been left at home is never a good situation. Speaking from experience. Always consult a list like with any other vacation.

I’ve been packing up all my riding stuff more times than I can remember over the years. And even though I know very well what to bring on which kind of trip, I decided to compile a list of the must-have mountain bike gear, apparel, fuel, equipment, tools and spare parts, and thought I’d share it with everyone. Hope it helps on your next MTB adventure.

Feel free to adjust any of these checklists to your personal needs by downloading them as Excel files.

Prepare your next mountain bike trip with these complete, downloadable, printable mountain bike trip packing lists:

To use any of the three MTB packing checklists, click on the button for the desired list. Then, make a copy of the file in Google Drive by clicking on “File” and then “Make a Copy” in the top left corner of the menu. Name the file whatever you want and start using it to make changes, export it as an Excel file, or print for a paper version.

Here is a printable downloadable packing list for multi-day mountain bike trips:

This one includes all the essentials to carry in a backpack and keep as a backup in the car or accommodation. Even if your bike has wireless shifting, this list got you covered.

For all the fellow e-mountain bike riders, here’s your version of the downloadable packing list:

This one includes all of the above and the required charging equipment to keep you going. Also, don’t forget to charge all batteries fully before loading up the car bike rack.

And finally, this is the download for a packing list specifically for trips to DH bike parks:

For downhill, not quite as much variation is needed since you come by the parking lot regularly. But more spares are definitely a hot tip with the increased wear and tear on rougher tracks. I personally keep all the tools and spares in one box that stays in my car. But if you pack from a fresh start, I would take more reserves than you think you’ll need just to not cut the trip short because of any mechanical issues.

For a quick and easy list to print as is, or re-visit anytime, I compiled the most important gear, clothing and items for any MTB trip that’s not your quick after-work ride.

These are the essentials to bring on your next mountain bike trip:

Mountain Biking Packing Checklist
by SuspensionTraveler.com
Riding Gear
Riding pants or shorts
Riding shoes
Rain jacket
Sports underwear
Neck buff or skullcap
Goggles (optional: roll-offs)
Knee pads
Elbow pads
Back protector / protector vest
Water bottle / hydration pack
Energy bar
Lunch box / pre-prepared meals
Extra bottled water
Bike lock
Action camera
Portable gas stove
Clip-in pedals for rental bikes
First Aid
First aid kit
Blister bandaids
Antiseptic wipes
Tools & Repair
Air pump (optional CO2 cartridge)
Pressure gauge
Spare tire / spare tube or patch kit
Tire levers
Spare brake pads
Brake pad spacers (for transport)
Allen keyes
Torx wrenches
Chain lube
Chain tool & spare chain link
Brake bleed kit
Suspension pump for air forks and damper
Spare wheels
Shifter cable
Duct tape & WD40

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