My Camera Gear For Mountain Biking POV

​I regularly get questions on my YouTube channel regarding the camera setup I use. Like most people, I don’t have the attention span to watch shaky, horrible-sounding POV videos. And I’m trying to do my part in improving the quality and creating true-to-life experiences.

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My main action camera plus some accessories.

So, here are the gear and accessories that I use to make quality mountain bike POV content. If you are interested in capturing professional-looking POV footage, two tips are important to take away: The camera angle and the camera settings are the biggest difference makers.

I film everything in 4K 30p on my chest-mounted GoPro Hero 11 Black and do all of my editing in Davinci Resolve. 

My Exact GoPro Hero 11 Settings
action cam settings cheat sheet 1

​If you have additional questions about my gear, please reach out. I have been fine-tuning this setup over the years of using action cams and I have found that this works best for what I do. It may be overkill for some, but the end result is worth the effort in my opinion.

I have no affiliation with GoPro, but after direct comparisons using some of the best action cams, found this camera to be the best for what I need. In this post, I use affiliate links. This is a great way to support my efforts if you find this information valuable. It costs you nothing extra but helps me continue to make MTB content.

Have fun filming your own rides!

Main Action Camera

After filming hundreds of MTB POV videos for my channel, this is the setup I’ve decided on and currently use as the main camera rig.

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GoPro HERO11
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GoPro Performance Chest Mount

The gimbal is a game changer and while being harder to ride with, produces the most cinematic results.

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Single-axis gimbal “Quark 2” by Noir Matter
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Adhesive mounting set

Many of the accessories I use and much more are included in GoPro accessory kits. If you really want to dive in deep, these can be a money-saver. The best one in my opinion is the 72-part kit from HSU. They use their own product designs, instead of just branding existing stuff.

Camera Accessories

The nuts and bolts that make things run smoothly behind the scenes. Mountainbiking is really hard on gear and having quality accessories keeps the camera rolling. I why I chose these in detail here.

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GoPro Enduro Batteries for long rides
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HSU “Windslayer” for wind-noise-reduction

I’ve had the best, most reliable results with SanDisk SD cards over the years. There’s a reason GoPros ship with this brand of cards.

SanDisk 128GB sd card ontop of dji action 2 battery
SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD card
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Freewell ND4 and ND8 Filters
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HSU Carrying Case for GoPro
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DJI Helmet Chin Strap Mount
(as my secondary mount)

Camera Drone

Drone shots elevate (pun definitely intended) any film. This little guy packs a big punch for its transportable size.

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DJI Mavic Mini
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Skyreat ND Filter Set

Video Editing

Back up everything, then back it up again. I use a Western Digital HDD for traveling and storing projects. 

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Western Digital 4TB external hard drive
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13″ Apple MacBook Air M1

To get the best result you can, editing is a critical part of the game. It doesn’t take much tho. A little color grading and interesting cuts go a long way for a nice MTB video.

davinci resolve edited
Editing in the FREE version of Davinci Resolve
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Music from Epidemic Sound