Mountain Biking [Start Here]

If you’re new here, I’ve compiled an overview of a wide variety of useful articles you can use as your starting point.

Mountain Bike Disciplines

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Trail Riding / Enduro MTB
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Downhill MTB
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Dual Slalom MTB

MTB Beginner Guides

Best Of Compilation 13
Mountain Bike Buying Guide
(Coming soon)
Best Of Compilation 10
Mountain Bike Gear to Wear
(Coming soon. In the meantime, here’s what I wear.)
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Risks of Mountain Biking

MTB Tires

tire sizes explained
How to read sidewalls
MTB tire Pressure chart calculated per Weight
Tire Pressure Chart
Tire Structure & Technology
Tire Technology Explained


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Types of Jumps Explained
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Top European Bike Parks
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Common Trail Etiquette

Maintenance & Storage

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Bike Hooks
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How To Make Your Bike Quieter
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Winter Riding Preparation