The mission of Suspension Traveler is to share the joy of mountain biking and to improve the quality of information out there for my fellow riders. To do this, I have put together an editorial process to guarantee a high level of research, outline and fact-checking for the content published here on the site. 

Mission and Values

At our core, we’re driven by a simple mission: to inspire and educate mountain bikers. We value accuracy, credibility, and relevance to ensure that every piece we publish contributes positively to the mountain biking community.

Our aim is to provide helpful, relevant information gathered from true first-hand experience.

Research and Planning

Topic research often includes reviewing existing information, consulting experts, and sometimes conducting our own experiments or trials. We plan each article, organizing the information logically to ensure our readers can follow the arguments easily.

We focus on clear, informative, and engaging content. Our drafts undergo revisions and fine-tuning to ensure the message is conveyed in the best possible way.

Review and Feedback

Prior to and even after publication, our content goes through a regular review process. We believe in continuous improvement, and this feedback loop helps refine the article until we’re confident it’s at its best.

This feedback loop includes reader messages, video comments, and new personal experiences. The content pieces will be updated to better cater to reader needs and cover more or better information. We encourage discussions, answer queries, and appreciate the insights and experiences our readers share.


Many articles on the site are descriptive rather than prescriptive — i.e., they describe certain issues, historical events or technical details, but they don’t necessarily give actionable advice. In these cases, care is put into making sure that the information and ideas presented are based on true events or facts.

When third-party expertise is required to support factual statements – sources like studies, subject matter experts or interviews are cited for reference.

Personal Opinion

And finally, many articles on the site include perspectives, views or personal stories put forth by myself and the lessons and ideas that I’ve derived from them. These pieces are not based on research or scientific fact and are merely reflections of my own experiences and opinions.