In a market flooded with imported alternatives, American-made bike racks stand out for their often sturdy, straightforward designs.

Shopping domestically can help in lowering international transportation, and supporting local businesses with high labor quality standards.

Note: Not all American-based bike rack brands also earn the label “made in the USA”. Oftentimes only warehouses and officesare operated in the USA with manufacturing outsourced to overseas countries (mainly Taiwan, China).


1up usa logo

Hitch Racks / Roof Racks

1UP USA is a relatively small American company owned by Robbie Lange, who founded it in 2001.

They are a bike rack manufacturer through and through with cargo carriers and trainers also in their catalog. But bike transporting gear is their absolute strong suit.

As the name suggests, 1UP USA racks are made in the USA. They are known to be hassle-free yet reliable, and rugged.

wheel mount hitch bike rack
1UP USA’s tough foldable hitch rack with dual-wheel mounts.

These properties are also reflected in their recognizable industrial look. Yet the racks are still slim, foldable, and as discreet as a bike rack can be.

If you have ever seen a 1UP bike rack you probably noticed the unique look, the how securely the bikes are attached on both ends.

A neat little detail easily overlooked is the wide variety of roof racks the bike racks can attach to.

1UP USA website

Alta Racks

Alta Racks logo e1643103158832

Hitch Racks

Alta Racks is based in Utah, USA, and puts their experience in military-grade equipment design to good use by making some of the sturdiest racks – putting their bike racks thru rigorous testing in the mountains and deserts of Colorado.

Alta Racks sources, and builds all their products in the USA.

They design, develop and create custom solution racks for just about any purpose. Even for when you need to store yourself for the night – with their Alta hammock stand.

Their clear stated goal is to provide their customers with the last rack they will ever buy by design and build quality that withstands adventure life. They have created one of the lightest six carrier or four carrier on the market.

Using military-grade development requirements, the ALTA ensures long-term reliability over anything else.

Official website

LOLO Racks

lolo racks logo

Hitch Racks

LOLO Racks was established in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2016 by a small team of engineers and riders.

Their passion for spending long weekends in the mountains with their friends and family lead them to create the accompanying mount to carry their rides in bulk.

This is how their well-received vertical 6 bike racks came to be.

LOLO Racks bike racks and accessories are designed and manufactured directly in Oregon, USA. By the way, “lolo” originates from the Chinook tribe and means “to carry”.

Official website

North Shore Racks (Canada)

North Shore Racks logo

Hitch Racks

North Shore Racks are as grass-roots as mountain bike racks get. These guys and girls designing the racks are pure mountain bikers making some of the fastest loading, most lightweight vertical bike racks.

North Shore Racks are manufactured in small batches locally in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This is why as of now this is a direct-to-consumer company, only selling directly through their website.

Their patented design carries 2 or up to 6 bikes quickly, easily, and contact-free, in the least amount of space possible.

Doing all that while not covering the license plate or the vehicle tail lights – which is seldom the case.

While mountain biking is their focus, NSR got you covered with a road bike adapter, security accessories to keep your bikes safe on the rack, and of course replacement parts.

Official website

Pipeline Racks

pipeline racks logo

Truck Bed Racks

These guys and girls live and breathe truck accessories. Pipeline Racks is a small family-owned and operated company, founded in a garage in the USA.

When demand for a self-built pickup truck bed bike rack picked up (pun intended), the brand was born.

The name reflects the practical design of the racks, which are built from pipes. The bike racks have their focus on ease of use and adjustability.

In saying that, their racks are certainly not designed to go off-roading.

Official website

QuikR Stuff


Hitch Racks

These guys definitely bring the start-up mentality! QuikrStuff was founded in 2020 by two devoted cyclists, hikers, skiers, rafters, and campers.

Their mission: Deliver high-quality, innovative, outdoor products that are 100% invented and manufactured in the US.

At QuikrStuff’s HQ in Grand Junction, Colorado to be exact. All those qualities are easily reflected in their distinct design.

As a startup business, they acquired a whole host of local business partners and inventors to patent new gear. They consider themselves a part of their rural ecosystem to support America’s most innovative equipment designers.

As of 2022, they got 14 patents. You can check their progress right there on their site.

Official website


Saris logos e1643053195826

Hitch Racks / Roof Racks / Trunk Racks

Saris is on the path of making the world more “bike-able”. This is why you might find a quite interesting combination of biking products in their line-up like indoor bike trainers and bike racks for outdoor adventures.

Saris bike racks are built by hand in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. In fact, the entire process from product design to engineering to manufacturing is owned by Saris.

Materials are sourced locally through long-standing partnerships.

saris bone trunk bike rack
The extremely popular Saris trunk bike rack.

Their durable plastic materials is what puts them apart from other brands – in a good way as they can offer affordably priced bike racks.

Creating the best possible user experience is what Saris is all about. And they do it by making their racks as easy to use as possible. This starts with finding the correct bike rack for you with their Bike rack fit guide.

Official website | amazon store



Suction Cup Racks

SeaSucker is the clear juggernaut of the suction cup bike rack manufacturers. They have been making suction mounts since 2005 – based in Florida, USA.

SeaSuckers is a family-owned and operated designer and manufacturer of vacuum-powered car racks, marine accessories, and mounts for small electronics. Their products are made in the USA. All products are made in-house, under one roof in Florida.

SeaSucker_Bomber_suction 3 bike rack

The first designs of the bike rack began in 2009 and soon were sold worldwide. Somewhere in between, there was rigorous testing going on for such a pioneer product.

“Vacuuming” expensive bikes to the roof of a moving car are not exactly inspiring trust, so they took safety extra seriously and went racing them around the track at 140 mph.

You may have seen the SeaSucker branding on 9-Bike Team Racks on TV before. They have been the official rack supplier for the UCI, cycling’s largest governing body.

Official website | amazon store


Thule logo

Hitch Racks / Roof Racks / Trunk Racks / Truck Bed Racks / Tailgate Pads

Thule was actually my own first brand of bike rack and is the juggernaut of the car rack industry. Thule (pronounced “too-le”) was founded back in 1942 in Småland, Sweden, and has acquired the reputation of producing high-quality, well-designed, safe, and durable car racks.

Still, not all Thule products are made in Sweden. Thule Group is a large public company with subsidiaries on various continents.

The US-based Thule Inc. manufactures car racks for the North-American markets in Chicago and Seymour, USA.

The first product designed to carry sports gear by car was a ski rack. Followed by many other roof-mounted carriers. Finally, in 1992 the first hitch-mounted bike rack was introduced.

All the major car rack products are still sold and improved upon. Relatively new addictions are roof tents and truck tailgate pads, among other types of truck bed bike racks.

No matter the product, you can be sure it has been thoroughly shock- and crash-tested at the in-house testing facility in Hillerstorp, Sweden.

Thule is known for its high test standards that far exceed regulatory requirements.

Check out our Thule bike rack comparisons, where we calculated the per-bike-cost.

Thule US website | amazon store


yakima logo

Hitch Racks / Roof Racks / Trunk Racks / Truck Bed Racks / Tailgate Pads

Yakima started as a small machine shop in Yakima, Washington State, USA. In 1979 it was acquired by two kayakers and cyclists who saw the need to create a better way to transport their outdoor gear.

Now, Yakima stands for high-quality and reliable specialized car racks to carry all kinds of equipment like bikes, kayaks and canoes, fishing rods, skis and snowboards, surfboards, cargo boxes, and roof tents.

Of all those products only Yakima’s cargo boxes are made in the USA. Their other manufacturing occurs in Taiwan and China.

Yakima website | amazon store

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